Welcome to the home of The Excelsior Base Ball Club of Arundel, a 19th Century (1864 rules) base ball club from Anne

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 Arundel County, Maryland.  We’re conveniently located between Baltimore and Annapolis, and our mission is to play the grand old game as it was in her infancy, when gentlemen competed for activity and sport, when gloves were yet to be considered, and when games were “officiated” by a respected man of the town.  We also wish to spread awareness of 19th Century Base Ball throughout the Baltimore-Washington Metro area, expanding the already growing Mid-Atlantic Vintage Base Ball League.

Here you can learn about our team, how to join or contribute, where to come see games, and to learn a little bit of history about America’s Pastime.  Look around, learn the lingo, study the rules and have fun!
P.S. Please bear with us as we make the transition to our new website!

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